Dark Mode
for Your Website

Help your audience spend more time on the page, read more articles providing an eye-pleasing user experience. Boost conversion and engagement.

Make It Yours

You can customize the dark mode background text, color and images for theme elements.

Image Supported

Worried about how dark images will look in dark mode? Don't worry, you can have a different version of the same image.

Support Elementor

Understand the necessity of having a dark mode on default Elementor widgets. Activate Foxiz you will get these settings.

Dark Mode Switcher

The switcher button is available in Foxiz you can display for your user to turn on-off the dark mode.

Seamless Experience

Based on Browser's Scheme

Intelligently adapting to the browser’s scheme, enjoy a visually comfortable and stylish browsing experience without triggering the dark mode button. Enhance your website’s aesthetics and user engagement.

Global & Individual

Unlimited Options

Allow you to control the globally dark mode though the theme options and individual blocks though the live builder.

High Performance

Super Lightweight

Scripts run without jQuery, no bloat, under 1Kb to preventing maximum flickering on page load. However, it is still loaded in defer mode and optimized for page speed. The cookie mode is also supported to completely remove flickering.

Light, Dark Images

We understand it’s important to be able to set different images for dark mode. Foxiz gives you the ability to do this.