Designing for Mobile
100% Responsive

Everyone is constantly connected to their mobile devices. Prioritizing design for mobile in our goal, focusing on the user experience that people get when they’re on mobile.

Easy to Navigate

Unique mobile menu and quick scrollbar for small screen sizes. Ensure that the links of the website are prominently displayed for anyone.

Settings for Mobile & Tablet

Customize Anything

Many features have mobile, tablet, and desktop settings. Include: columns per row, spacing, grid gap, manage entry meta, typography and much more.


Readability, images load fast, minimize user effort for touch on elements and consistency design between mobile and desktop.Foxiz has everything for mobile-friendly websites.

AMP Transitional Mode

Performance matters to the website's success. AMP is a good tool available to you to help you achieve great performance and optimize user experiences on the mobile.

Unlimited Setttings

Foxiz lets you customize your site on the mobile with the live editor. With unlimited options you can choose from to make your site unique and beautiful on the mobile.

Exclusive Feature

Responsive Horizontal Scroll

This unique feature sets Foxiz apart, providing users with easy navigation that effortlessly encourages exploration across a diverse spectrum of topics—all at your fingertips with a simple swipe.

Easy to Read

Live font size resizing, font size settings for the mobile. This makes it easy for most people to read your content and keep them viewing your website longer.

Flexible Layout

Grid & List View

Allows you to convert a grid layout to the list view on the mobile or vice versa. Prevent overscrolling by making pages shorter. Make it easier for your visitors to scan the website content.