Forums & Discussion

Are you looking for timeless, modern, and streamlined forums?
Focused on flexibility, a deep integration with WordPress. Foxiz & bbPress is the best choice.

Real Forums Theme with Premium Design

All bbPress forums pages are beautifully designed. Foxiz has also taken bbPress to the next level with special features: private messenger, front-end topic status, custom sidebars, text avatar and much more…

Advanced Settings

Keeps things as small and light as possible while still allows great add-on features. Foxiz supports rich set of customization options allow you to customize your forums with ease.

Unique Feature

Private Content Area

Simple yet powerful private messaging for Forums. Registered users can easily share sensitive content to the forums masters without any 3rd party plugins.

Unique Feature

Custom Topic Status

You can mark a topic as solved, not solved, has a solution, best answers or what ever you want. This is a great feature specifically which only available in Foxiz.

New Topic Toggle

Foxiz allows you to customize “Create New Topic”. With beautiful, informative and slide down animation. It will provide a great experience to your users.

Extra Useful Features

Colorful Text Avatar

Worries blank avatars? Foxiz will automatically generate beautiful avatars using the initial letters.​

Unlimited Sidebars

Foxiz allows you to customize the sidebars to forums, topics and more.


Marking topics as favorite, allows users to bookmark and view their favorite topics later.