Ruby Template Builder

Foxiz gives you the power tools to build your entire website styling, layouts from top to bottom. Build and customize your own headers, footers and everything in-between.

Header Builder

Create Your Own Headers

Using the Front-end live builder interface. Drag and drop elements, you can decide what goes into your header without having to touch a single line of code.

Footer Builder

Create Your Own Footers

With Foxiz, you have complete control over the elements of your website footer. Such as resource links, company information, widgets and more…

Mega Menu Builder

Design Mega Menu Easily

It’s as simple as drag & drop. Adjust the width of the mega menu to the content inside, background and colors. You can create and add any content to the menu you want, easy and fast.

Complete Creative Freedom
with Ruby Template

You have complete control over the creative process.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic filters that allow you to create layouts blog index, categories, and archives. The page has daily content updates.

Shortcode Supported

You can put your own created templates everywhere. Inside predefined positions, post and page content, widgets...

No Coding Knowledge

With a live editor interface, just simple as drag & drop. Making any layouts easy even for beginners to master.

Single Template

Create Single Post Layout

In addition to 8+ predefined single post templates, Now you can forge your own unique post using the Ruby Template feature. Unleash your creativity and design posts with limitless possibilities. Craft any vision you can imagine.
Category Builder

Create Category Pages

Foxiz gives you complete control over the design of your category pages. Create a different look and feel for all or individual categories.
Blog Builder

Blog, Author & Archives

Using the Ruby Template, you can control the default design for all index pages. Customize your blog index author pages, tag pages and more.
404 Page Builder

Create 404 Page

Instead of settling for the default templates. You get to build your own 404 pages and more!