Introducing Version 2.3

Enhancing Publishers and Affiliate Marketers with Advanced Features! Brimming with an array of innovative and upgraded capabilities, Foxiz 2.3 has arrived to elevate your online presence and unlock your maximum earning potential.

Live Blog

Real-time Update


Review with Scheme


Notification and Warning


Collect Subscribers

Affiliate Product

Monetize Your Brand's Blog

Affiliate List

Monetize Your Brand's Blog


Organization of Content

List Style

Styling List with Icons

Text Highlight

Enhance Your Text

New Demo

Accessories News

GA4 & Tag Manager

GA4 Integration

Navite Share

Multiple Socials

Modern & Timeless

New Demos

Step into the Future of News with Innovation Modern Design Timeless Reporting in the BuzzStream Breaking News.
Real-time Update

Live Blogging

Embark on immersive real-time storytelling with our Live Blog feature. Delivering instant updates through a user-friendly interface. Engage your audiences effortlessly, making it easier than ever to connect and captivate with dynamic, up-to-the-minute content.
Social Integration

Powerful Socials

Wave farewell to external plugins! Our theme now boasts a robust built-in Social Counter, seamlessly integrating with over 18 social platforms. Enjoy the convenience of tracking your social metrics directly within your website, eliminating the need for additional plugins!

Blend of Reviews, AF Marketing

Irresistible Dark Design

Step into the captivating world of Foxiz, where cutting-edge technology meets sleek aesthetics. Our latest theme demo is designed to elevate your website to new heights, presenting a seamless fusion of customer reviews, influencer marketing showcases, and irresistible displays of electronic gadgets, all wrapped in an elegant and modern dark design.

Gutenberg Block

Product Review

When creating an affiliate blog with the goal of earning money, incorporating the WordPress product review block can prove to be an invaluable tool. This feature facilitates the seamless addition of product reviews and ratings to your content.

Gutenberg Block

Note & Notification

Perfect way to highlight crucial updates, promotions, and announcements. Engage visitors, boost conversions with easy customization options for background, color, icons, font size, and layout. Unlimited inner content blocks offer endless possibilities.

Mailchimp Integration

Email to Download

Are you aiming to expand your email list while delivering valuable content to your visitors? Look no further than the innovative “Subscribe Email to Download” block in Foxiz. It’s the ultimate Gutenberg block for efficient content delivery.

Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate Product List

Powerful tool for your website to showcase a curated list of recommended products with affiliate buy links from various markets, such as eBay, Amazon, and more.

Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate Product

Effortlessly integrate product recommendations, reviews, and links directly into your content, providing valuable information and enticing opportunities for your audience to make well-informed purchasing decision.

Gutenberg Block

List Style

Bullet points are an exceptionally effective and concise way to convey information on the web, and with the Foxiz List Style, creating an attractive and attention-grabbing list becomes effortlessly simple.

Gutenberg Block

Accordion Tabs

Versatile and practical UI elements that enhance user experience and organization of content. Accordions offer an elegant solution when dealing with vast amounts of information or presenting Q&A-style content in a structured manner.

Gutenberg Block

Text Highlight​

Highlighting text can be a useful technique to direct the user’s focus to particular sections of your content. By using this technique, you can effectively steer the user’s attention towards specific details that you consider significant and don’t want them to overlook.