Recommended Stories
Bookmark System

Top stories recommended to visitors based on their personalized recommendations. follow categories, author and bookmark any articles to read it later.

Just for You

  • Discover personalized story recommendations effortlessly on Foxiz. Direct load and ajax technologies, compatible with any third-party cache plugin for optimized performance.
  • Embed recommendation posts effortlessly anywhere using the Personalize Elementor block
  • The front-end builder empowers you to create a “My Feed” page with visually appealing content with ease.

Follow Categories

Allow visitors follow categories that they are interested in. These data will control what stories appear on the recommended stories sections.

Follow Writers

Allow visitors follow specific witters that they are interested in. These data will control what stories appear on the recommended stories sections.

Extremely Flexible

Skillfully crafted by our dedicated team, supporting both logged-in and non-logged-in visitors. It features advanced settings optimized for database efficiency and compatibility with any third-party cache plugin.

Bookmark Favorite Stories
Read It Later

Advance Bookmark

Complete bookmarking solution for news and magazine website. Guest and logged, limit bookmarks, recommended stories​ and more...

Compatible with Caches

Bookmark system load dynamic data to increase user experience. However, it use AJAX technology and will compatible with any cache plugins.

Speed Optimized

Combine multiple requests. Only requests when needed via GET method. The feature will run smoothly even on low budget hostings.

Save Any Favorite Stories

​Allow you to enable or disable bookmark for any blocks and section in the website. Push notification in the header, beautiful popup notice and much more.

Reading List Template

Reading list template will help your visitors find their saved stories, followed categories, writers and their interested stories.

Reading History

Explore the revolutionary Reading History feature! Track and revisit recent posts visitors have explored on your website. Stay engaged, rediscover favorites, and unlock a tailored news experience.

Like & Dislike

Built-in Like and Dislike Engagement Feature! Empower your audience to express preferences. Tailor your website’s content based on real-time feedback, creating a dynamic and engaging news experience.

Popup Notification

Visually appealing notifications confirm your bookmarked content, elevating visitors’ experience on the website.